'Scintilla' group exhibition

Wednesday 23 March - Saturday 9 April 2022

Curated by David Gatiss


Scintilla begins with a group of people joining a drawing class that becomes a pathway into the development of a studio practice. As David Gatiss teases out the individual voices of the group over a period of four years, he becomes their mentor. The students, the less experienced and those wishing to reinvigorate their practice and leave past modes of practice behind, are keen to develop and refine their skills by meeting the challenges set in classes and workshops. The environment, an industrial building re-imagined as a ceramic school, is a stimulating and facilitating studio with long and generous white walls lit by a southern light. It is here the journey begins and a destination is envisaged: the Scintilla exhibition. 

(opening paragraph from the catalogue essay written by Elizabeth Colbert)

Featuring: Janis Burke, Jane Chandler, Elizabeth Colbert, Cathy Collins, Mimmo Cozzolino, Kristin Haskett, Mary Sullivan. Curated by David Gatiss