Susan Stevenson

Landscape is a recurring element in my work. Whether examining Australia’s colonial history, climate change or cultural conflict, the depiction of landscape has underpinned my practice. Often demanding a dual reading of the work, it has taken different forms over the years.

Increasingly abstract and minimal, my current work can be read as landscape or interior space. Fields of colour and texture are scarred by human gesture; fractures can be read as the flaws in an interior wall or an aerial view of a crumbling edifice. With both readings there is a sense of impermanence and transience.

The recent paintings are all acrylic on linen; the depth in the work is created through applying seemingly endless layers of very thin colour on a black base.

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Exhibitions at Tacit include:

2021 After Life

2018 Invisible Country


2024 Ghosts in the Cement, Tacit Art, Melbourne
2022 Found, WantingGallery550 Melbourne
Found, Wanting, Duckrabbit  Sydney 
2021 After Life, Tacit Art, Melbourne 
2018 Invisible Country, Tacit Art, Melbourne
2015 History Wars, Studio Show, Melbourne
2012 White Women’s Business, Purgatory Gallery, Melbourne
2005 My Grandmothers’ Furs, Dickerson Gallery, Melbourne
1991 Susan Stevenson, Canalot Studios, London 
1990 Susan Stevenson, Alternative Arts, London 

2023 SUBSTRATE 23, Tacit Art, Melbourne
Urban Campfire, Gallery550, Melbourne
2022 SUBSTRATE 22, Tacit Art, Melbourne
2021 National Capital Art Prize, Canberra
2020 20[2020], Tacit Art, Melbourne
2019 John Villiers Outback Art Prize, Winton, Queensland
2018 Group, Sunshine Print Artspace, Melbourne
2014 WOB Prize, Tap Gallery, Sydney
2013 Belle Arte Prize, Chapman & Bailey, Melbourne
2012 Belle Arte Prize, Chapman & Bailey, Melbourne
2011 The Flanagan Art Prize, Ballarat
2010 Dahlia Eaglehawk Prize, Bendigo
2009 40x40x40, Dickerson Gallery, Melbourne