Susan Wald

In a light-filled studio, Susan Wald works on her monoprints, the most hand-made method of printmaking and the one most open to accident and resolution. Preoccupied with defining figures inhabiting their own internal logic of mood, space and light, as she concentrates, her mind is freed to dip below the conscious to trace the rocks and fissures of a female psyche.

The oil paintings, of solitary figures that are estranged, and are a further meditative abstraction using a limited range of colours and the direct force of Wald's mark-makings to sustain a drama as we approach these figures reaching out to us.

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Recent exhibitions include
2021 Mungo, Printmaker Gallery, Melbourne 2020 Mungo, Mildura Arts Centre 2017 Crow, Langford 120, Melbourne 2016 Desert Monoprints, The Art Vault, Mildura 2015 Theatre Paintings & Monoprints, Langford 120 2014 A Survey Show of Theatre & Figure Work, The Art Vault 2013 Monoprints, Langford 120, Melbourne 2012 Paintings & Works on Paper, Langford 120 2010 The Dog Theatre in conjunction with performances of Elektra by Sophocles, The Dog Theatre, Melbourne 2008 The Figure, Ochre Gallery, Melbourne 2006 Clean Kill, Ochre Gallery; Clean Kill, Gippsland Regional Art Gallery, Sale 2005 Clean Kill, Geelong Art Gallery

2021 Editions, Tacit Galleries, Melbourne 2020 20[2020], Tacit Galleries; Editions, Tacit Galleries 2019 Visualising Mildura, The Art Vault, Mildura; Layers of Settlement, The Art Vault; Editions, Tacit Galleries 2018 Impressions, Australian Print Workshop, Melbourne; Locust (Distinct), Queenscliff Gallery & Workshop; International Printmaking: International Women's Day, Charles Sturt University, Wagga Wagga; Edge, Langford 120; Beauty Or Beast, Queenscliff Workshop & Gallery; Editions, Tacit Galleries 2017 Three Women, Janet Clayton Gallery, Sydney; Works, Tacit Contemporary, Melbourne; Contemporary Australian Drawing, Langford 120 2016 Impressions, Australian Print Workshop; Places, Queenscliff Gallery & Workshop; 2006-2016, A Decade's Collection, Griffith Regional Art Gallery 2015 Contemporary Australian Drawing, Saci Gallery, Florence; Gippsland Print Award, Gippsland Regional Art Gallery, Sale; Trajectories, Langford 120 2014 Impressions, Australian Print Workshop; 13 Melbourne Printmakers, Rathdowne Gallery, Melbourne; Portas Abertas, Forum Fundacao Eugenio De Almeida, Evora, Portugal