TACIT Still Life Prize 2022 - Exhibition

Friday 9 - Saturday 24 December 2022


Prize winners:
TACIT Still Life Prize: Stacey McCall
TACIT Curators Prize: Llael McDonald
Mount Avoca People's Choice Award: Llael McDonald
Langridge Paint/St Luke Materials Prize: Huan Ho
The Artroom Award: Merrin Eirth
The Artroom Award: Lucy Ray

In its second year, the TACIT Still Life Prize expanded to include artists working within Australia. Tacit Art provides the non acquisitive $5,000 prize to a body of work deemed by the judges to be outstanding in its celebration of the genre of still life.

Tacit approached three renowned local industry leaders to judge the TACIT Still LIfe Prize 22.

David Coles - paintmaker, colourist & author
Erika Gofton - artist & educator
TJ Bateson - artist & curator

This exhibition rejoices in the ways artists embrace the ordinary everyday objects around them. Imbued with meaning, objects in space talk of the relationship to the environment and the stories they tell, with suggestion of place and time, memories and coded histories of artists’ connection to the world around them.

Throughout history, art has informed the way we see, the way we respond and how we celebrate the physical and mythical world around us. This exhibition rejoices in the visual voices of 68 artists as they guide us on a journey through the representation of objects in space. Each work provides insight into the relationship between artist and object - challenging what we know and think, what we value and covet and how artists shape the world we live in.

Shortlist for the TACIT Still Life Prize 2022:

Chris Aspland, Adriana Artmeier, TJ Bateson, Giordano Biondi, Paul Bishop, Kylie Blackley, Marian Blank, Robyn Burgess, Philomena Carroll, Dianne Coulter, Lana Daubermann, Angie De Latour, Merrian Dennis, Lesley Dickman, Merrin Eirth, Caroline Esbenshade, Sharman Feinberg, Monika Feuerstein, Josh Foley, Belinda Fox, Deanne Gilson, Liz Gridley, Judy Griffits, Sam Hardy, Geoff Harrison, Nuan Ho, Alix Hunter, Ilona Jetmar, Kyle KM, Elena Kolotusha, Chilu Krile, Zai Kuang, Kir Larwill, Libby Letcher, Leree Lindsay, Cally Lotz, Sara Manser, Nic Mason, Stacey McCall, Llael McDonald, Kirsty McIntyre, Paula McLoughlin, Mali Moir, Marcus O’Donnell, Veronica O’Leary, John Pastoriza-Pinol, Jack Paterson, Ziggy Pawlikowski, Lloyd Pereira, Linda Pickering, Shirley Ploog, Georgia Pricone, Julie Puchalski, Lucy Ray, Leanne Savory, Lisa Sewards, Lauren Starr, Lynden Stone, Elizabeth Tarrant, Brendon Taylor, Sue Tesoriero, Kati Thamo, Billy Vanilli, Lilli Waters, Sally West, Anna Weston, Cleo Wilkinson, RJ Williams