TACIT Still Life Prize - exhibition

 Wednesday 1 - Saturday 18 December 2021 - NEW DATES


A year like no other. A stay-at-home, a lockdown, a nighttime curfew. Victorians spent the most part of 2020 enclosed, uncertain of the immediate future. Travel was off-limits - even a few kilometres. Studios were not always accessible to artists - assuming the inspiration to create was there.

Netflix bingeing, overeating, possibly overdrinking and certainly over-indulging was an inevitable consequence - surrounded by those same items. The vase, the fruitbowl, the chair - everyday objects that in some way became more prevalent (possibly annoyingly so) in the everyday.

The inspiration for the Tacit Still Life Prize was thus born. A celebration of the everyday, of the objects that surrounded us during the challenge of the year. But to celebrate the extended Victorian family of artists, an opportunity to share in some way that unique experience of more than 100 days of uninterrupted lockdown.

But something a little different to other still life competitions - to provide the viewing of more than one work, a series or an iteration of one idea. Thus, whilst not exclusively so, finalists have up to three works in the exhibition rather than the more traditional one. 

TACIT Still Life Prize: a $5,000 cash prize will be awarded to the winner as determined by judges Robyn Burgess, Kevin Lincoln and Thornton Walker.

The TACIT Curators Prize, determined by Tacit Art, is a 3-week solo exhibition at Tacit in 2022.

The Mount Avoca People's Choice Award - voted by attendees in person at the venue - is a $1,000 wine/accommodation package at the Mount Avoca Vineyard in the Victorian Pyrenees.   

Images above (from left): Troy Argyros, Stacey McCall, Trudi Harley, Elizabeth Tarrant

Participating artists: Jolande Anastasi, Troy Argyros, Stephen Armstrong, Melanie Bardolia, Paul Bishop, Marian Blank, Drasko Boljevic, Oberon Bradford, Helen Braun, Sande Bruch, Richard Collins, Jane Chandler, Mimmo Cozzolino, Sheila D'Cruz, Lana De Jager, Angie De Latour, Peter Dellas, Merrian Dennis, Lesley Dickman, Julian Di Martino, Sally D'Orsogna, Sandra Drummond, Caroline Esbenshade, Helen Edwards, Sharman Feinberg, Silvi Glattauer, Jackie Gorring, Maria Gravias, Liz Gridley, Sam Hardy, Trudi Harley, Patricia Hillard, Mat Hughes, Alix Hunter, Ilona Jetmar, Shane Jones, Julie Keating, Marketa Kemp, KyleKM, Jo Lane, Josh Lord, Cally Lotz, Cherry Manders, Stacey McCall, Kirsty McIntyre, Lewis Miller, Kerrilee Ninnis, Laura Osborne, John Pastoriza-Pinol, Gaye Paterson, Jim Pavlidis, Sean Payne, David Lee Pereira, Lloyd Pereira, Shirley Ploog, Julie Puchalski, John Rabling, Maria Radun, Trudy Rice, Leanne Savory, Matthew Schiavello, Lisa Sewards, Joanne Sisson, Kate Smith, Ruth Stanton, Elizabeth Tarrant, Jenani Therone, Anselm van Rood, Linda Weil, Laura White, Ray Wilson