TJ Bateson - 'Iteration Part III'

Wednesday 1 - Sunday 12 March 2017


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Once engaged, we are no longer the passive observer - we are provoked into a response, a sophisticated, ethereal response to fundamental material processes. 
John Rabling, The Pinoteca, July 2016 on Iteration Part II

In his current ongoing body of work incorporating relief prints, work on paper and painting, TJ Bateson explores an iteration of mark that embraces and celebrates machine-made aesthetics alongside evidence of the hand of the artist within an immersive, visual experience.

Through introspection into the personal meaning of the work, Iteration Part III has a gentle, calming influence that is striving to be immersive - a totality of aesthetic experience - and intriguing, process-based that both requires and reflects time spent by both the artist and the viewer. It looks to the essay in discretion, inwardness and silence of artists such as Agnes Martin in its minimalist, ethereal quiet.

Long influenced by Australian artist Ian Fairweather in celebrating meditative pattern and rhythm of quiet tonality, Bateson looks to embody, through multiple iterations, a passage of thought, respond to time, take a breath and replenish self whilst providing a vehicle for others to contemplate and re-evaluate.