TJ Bateson - 'Striped'

Wednesday 24 July - Sunday 18 August 2013


Click here for artwork by TJ Bateson

With more than 20 years of exhibiting history, TJ Bateson continues to focus on his fascination with subtle shifts and nuances of colour and tonality. But, where in the past his abstract works may have seen a grey green against a grey violet with touches of a grey red for good measure, in Striped the artist has taken a different yet related direction.

With precision, a repeated series of stripes, spatially varied and sized, cut across the surfaces, creating a rhythm of both movement and colour, with different shades of reds, blues, greens and yellows (as well as those all important greys) juxtaposed with and against each other. In his works on paper, fabric and canvas, Tim has created a mathematical warp and weft of pencil and brush, a mirrored tightness of needle and thread, influenced as they are by rugs and fabrics.

T J Bateson has more than 20 solo exhibitions to his name, including Horsham Regional Gallery, fortyfivedownstairs and the City of Glen Eira Gallery. But in Striped we find his biggest exhibition to date - more than 70 works spread over all five galleries of Tacit Contemporary.