TJ Bateson - The two of us

Wednesday 2 - Saturday 19 August 2023


Click here for artwork by TJ Bateson

The two of us is a deeply, deeply personal body of work following Tim's lifesaving bone marrow transplant this time last year.

'Not dead, not broken but very much altered, I'm now the two of us. Loaded with a new immune system, powered by new blood and cancer-free after a ten year battle with Mantel Cell Lymphoma, all this made possible by a donation from my daughter, May Rose. In short, May's bone marrow has replaced mine and I now make her blood to fuel my body. I have two DNAs coexisting together and a new immune system that won a battle against cancer that I alone could not.

Her presence within me is felt and reflected in this work through the abstracted layering of our DNA maps. This work explores this new internal and emotional relationship that exists within my new altered self. It is, indeed, the two of us.