TJ Bateson - 'Veiled in Plain Sight'

Wednesday 19 January - Sunday 20 February 2010


Click here for artwork by TJ Bateson

TJ Bateson’s new body of work, Veiled In Plain Sight, has been made specifically for Midsumma and the relaunch of Tacit Contemporary Art in Abbotsford.

Whilst the works connect to his past aesthetic, Veiled In Plain Sight reaches deeper beneath the skin of the artist. In its directness and sometimes confronting physical truth, the concept of self remains hidden, veiled in plain sight.

Continuing to explore ideas and technique from earlier work, Bateson’s own history of marks and tone enter his imagery, providing a link between the temporal self, the sexual and the creative. Through the media of photography, painting and drawing, he confronts his own strength and weakness, sadness, tenderness, desire and acceptance.

Bateson first explored the concept of self and his own sexuality 10 years ago at the launch of Tacit Contemporary Art in Thornbury. This new exhibition celebrates both the continued exploration of identity by the artist and the rebirth of Tacit in its new location.