Vietta Korren Steele - 'Intersecting Shifts'

Wednesday 16 June - Saturday 3 July 2021 - NEW DATES

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Ongoing research and experimentation have played a crucial part in Vietta Korren Steele's artistic development through reductionist methods of colour and form.

Important in this process has been the deployment of chance, both in her choice of materials and as a compositional device. Korren Steele plays between structure and spontaneity and stop at the point when a calm tension in the work is achieved: a sense of trust is reached.

In Intersecting Shifts, activated lines create form. It is the interplay of light and surface that allows the perception of space. The artist invites you to participate in the completion of these works: to scan shifts of colour, to find your own ‘rhythm’- of memory, nature, or place - infinite.