Yubu Napa 2019

Wednesday 24 July - Sunday 18 August 2019


Initially established as an aboriginal art studio in Alice Springs in 2012, Yubu Napa (‘beautiful’ in the top end Batymul language but also with a second meaning of ‘do the right thing’) began as a place where artists could work in a comfortable environment where their creativity was encouraged and developed.

Quickly gaining a reputation among central Australian artists as well as becoming a tourist destination thanks to the endorsement of Tourism Central Australia, founders Ric Farmer and Karl Bajzik moved, in 2015, to the current, much larger premises. The move increased exponentially the gallery space to exhibit the artists working within the studios and extend the reach to present artists from other communities.

Yubu Napa is now one of the go-to galleries in Alice Springs, showcasing its studio artists and other indigenous artists from across Australia. The gallery is dedicated in providing the best quality art whilst ensuring artists are protected in terms of their working environment, presentation of work and payment in relation to sales. By encouraging artists to explore new styles, techniques and narratives, Yubu Napa has positioned itself in the presentation of some of the most original and contemporary indigenous artwork currently around.

For the group exhibition over three of the eleven galleries at Tacit Galleries, Yubu Napa will exhibit 12 artists from the Yubu Napa family of artists, including Nellie Nakamara Marks, Julie Robertson Nangala, Kerry Madawyn McCarthy, Andrea Adamson Tiger and Dorothy Napangardi. The three gallery spaces will be filled with a diverse range of contemporary indigenous artworks, including beautifully intricate works in monochrome, a selection of more traditional artworks along with modern works in brighter palettes and more textured dotting. Aboriginal art has moved away from the traditional iconography and into a much more abstract style, yet these works all still depict traditional stories.

This is the first exhibition of the partnership between the Alice Springs gallery and Tacit Galleries.

Participating artists: Kerry Madawyn McCarthy, Debra Young Nakamarra, Nellie Marks Nakamarra, Fabrianne Peterson Nampitjinpa, Julie Robertson Nangala, Sabrina Robertson Nangala, Dorothy Robertson Napangardi, Margaret Lewis Napangardi, Gwenda Turner Nungurrayi, Alison Munti Riley, Andrea Adamson Tiger, Clarise Tunkin