Brendon Taylor

Influences from Pop Art and Surrealism crept into my art at an early age from reading books on Surrealism (Magritte in particular) and Pop Art in general my older brother owned. These influences have stayed with me all my life and seem to emerge subconsciously. 

I have always liked combining unrelated objects to create a new way of seeing or telling a story

Humour has often played a part in my work even when the subject matter may be serious. 

The titles are often, but not always, plays on words and puns. Even song titles at times, finding this a great tool to entice people to see the messages contained within. To engage with as many people as I can has always been important to me.

As far as subject matter goes It usually comes from a personal place. Either my observations or experiences. Working at Museums Victoria as a Preparator since 1999 has definitely played a part in influencing my work - creating models large and small for the museum exhibitions and permanent collections inevitably have an impact on my creativity.

This frees me up to lots of subject matter but keeps my tool shed very full.

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Exhibitions at Tacit include

2022  State of the heART



State of the heART, Tacit Art, Melbourne
Ship Shaped, Art in Public Places, Williamstown Festival
2001 Anchored, Customs Wharf Gallery, Melbourne
1994 New Works, Microscope Gallery, Melbourne
1993 New Works, Microscope Gallery, Melbourne
1992 Past Present and FutureMelbourne Contemporary Art Gallery, Melbourne

TACIT Still Life Prize 2022, Tacit Art, Melbourne
Toorak Festival of Sculpture, Melbourne
2021 Toorak Festival of Sculpture, Melbourne
2018 Toorak Festival of Sculpture, Melbourne
2017 Toorak Festival of Sculpture, Melbourne
2016 Wye Project, Lorne Sculpture Biennale
Toorak Festival of Sculpture, Melbourne
2015  Bonanza 2015, Yarra Sculpture Gallery, Melbourne
2014  Bonanza 2014Yarra Sculpture Gallery, Melbourne
Christmas Show, Vere Apothecary Arts Hub, Melbourne
Group, The Bakers Art Gallery, Balnarring
4 x10: Every story tells a picture, Footscray Community Arts Centre, Melbourne
2013 25 Sculptures @ the W.T.C., M.A.R.S. Gallery, Melbourne
Toorak Festival of Sculpture, Melbourne
Postcard Show, Linden Art, Melbourne
Inspired, Vere Apothecary Arts Hub, Melbourne
Art in Public Places, City of Hobson’s Bay, Melbourne
2012 Brave New World, Sculpture 2012, Toyota Community Spirit Gallery, Melbourne
Picture This, Gasworks Arts Park, Melbourne
Picture This, Courthouse Arts, Geelong
Art in Public Places, City of Hobson’s Bay, Melbourne
Maquette Group Show, Mars Gallery, Melbourne
Bonanza 2012, Yarra Sculpture Gallery, Melbourne
2011 Flourish, Toyota Community Spirit Gallery, Melbourne
Capriccio, The 21st Century Wunderkammer, Red Gallery, Melbourne
Archangel Prize, St Michael's, Melbourne 
2010 Re-Collection, Red Gallery, Melbourne 
Williamstown Festival Contemporary Art Prize
Of Snowflakes and Spacetime,Toyota Community Spirit Gallery, Melbourne
2009 Hybrid, Toyota Community Spirit Gallery, Melbourne
The Collective: Art Outside the Museum; Space 39 Little Collins St., Melbourne
2008 Cancer Council, Daffodil Day Arts Award
Symbiotics, Toyota Community Spirit Gallery, Melbourne
Toorak Festival of Sculpture 2006, Melbourne
Cocoon, Altona Meadows Library and Learning Centre, Melbourne