Cat Poljski

"My work explores the constructed world in an attempt to move between the real and the imagined. The individual works are spatial experiments, reconstructed, referenced and cross-referenced to provide abstracted viewpoints to question notions of place and time.

Images of buildings from Melbourne, Tokyo, New York, London, Paris are collated and hand- printed together from four different copper plates that have been etched, aquatinted and relief printed, overlaying each other to construct a dialogue between the constructed and imagined world. They are an attempt to locate sites where buildings can speak about our past, present and maybe our future. How we morph together images from our lives to invent and designate layers of memory and fact, upon which the imagined and real are combined to create a more appealing reality.

Amongst this grandeur of architecture are the skyscrapers. These have taken my attention; a blend of steel structures and modernist style buildings that are not as tall as say Manhattan or Melbourne, but their presence commands my attention. I am surrounded and indulged by this. My head is going crazy as I swivel and swerve in all directions to find yet another pocket of glory above me. The central station is like a Sol LeWitt structure, pure white and built of strong horizontals and verticals. This city is known as the international city of Peace and Justice, and I really get a sense of it. The streets seem safe and the atmosphere is gentle and serene."

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Exhibitions at Tacit include
2021 -


Recent exhibitions include
2023 Hidden Spaces, Tacit Art, Melbourne
2021 Sub-divide, Tacit Art, Melbourne
Negative Construct, REY AREA, RMIT, Melbourne
2018 Obstructing Views, Melbourne
2015 The Architect Considers, Cox Architecture, Flinders Lane Melbourne
2014  It’s a Twin Thing, Neospace, Melbourne 
2013 Masking the City, Dear Patti Smith Gallery, Melbourne
2012 Imagined Cities, Form Studio and Gallery, Queanbeyan, ACT
2011 Open Studio Residency Exhibition, Point B, Brooklyn, New York
Imagined Cities, Jenny Port Gallery, Melbourne
2010 Tracing Space: a generic city of the imagination, Jenny Port Gallery
Tracing Space Stage 2 (Light, Space Modulator), Upstairs@the Napier Hotel, Melbourne
Red Gate Studio Residency Exhibition, Bei Gao, Beijing 
2006 T.O.A.S.T., Hudson Street Studios, New York
2005 Elaboration, persistence, mutation, decay: an investigation of urban architecture, Coppin Street Warehouse, Melbourne 
2003 Urban Encounters: fragments/shards, Red Gallery, Melbourne
2000 The NY, NY Experiment, Motor Works Gallery, Melbourne

The Alliance II, Queenscliff Gallery (w/ Louise Blyton)
SUBSTRATE 23, Tacit Art, Melbourne
2022 Editions Print Prize, Tacit Art, Melbourne
Swan Hill Print & Work on Paper Prize, Swan Hill Regional Gallery
NU28 Inaugural Opening Exhibition, Melbourne
Tacit Voices, Tacit Art, Melbourne
SuperImposed, No Vacancy Gallery, 

Peebles Print Prize, Queenscliff Gallery
2020 20[2020], Tacit Art, Melbourne
2019 Pulse, Tacit Art, Melbourne
The Affordable Art Fair, Melbourne
The Museum of Platitudes & Aphorisms, C3 Contemporary, Melbourne
Editions, Tacit Art
2018 The Alliance, Neospace, Melbourne (w/ Louise Blyton)
The Exquisite Palette, St Luke, Melbourne
2017 ATWAIR16, Australian Tapestry Workshop, Melbourne
Two Cities in Print, Portland Bay Press
Two Cities in Print, Warrnambool Art Gallery
2016 PROOF, Port Jackson Press, Melbourne
Resident, Motor Works Gallery, Melbourne
Documenting Silence, St Hellier Gallery, Melbourne
2015 Magical, Neospace, Melbourne
de.con.struct, Matteawan Gallery, New York
Editions, Tacit Art, Melbourne
18 x 8 From Point A to Point B and back again, Point B, Brooklyn, New York
2014 37°48’S Artists Navigate Melbourne, Sofitel, Melbourne
The Abject Museum of the Absurd, RMIT School of Art Gallery, Melbourne
2013 Monstrous Project, Neospace, Melbourne
Urban Art, Port Jackson Press, Melbourne
2012 Non-Objective to Present, Langford 120 Gallery, Melbourne
2011 Smorgasboard, Jenny Port Gallery, Melbourne
2010 Stone Love, Lancaster Press, Melbourne
The Exquisite Palette, St. Luke, Melbourne
52 Print Portfolio, Geelong Art Gallery
2009 Guanlan International Print Biennial, Shenzhen, China