David Gatiss

David Gatiss’ work can be read as an echo from his past, it is not a mirror, nor is it saturated in nostalgia, but one that is derived from memory and shaped by the artist’s imagination. Into this evocation, Gatiss embroiders his father’s narrative and its affect upon his late mother. These stories centre on his father’s life aboard battleships as a Royal Navy torpedoman during the Second World War and later as a coal miner. Discovering early family photographs and, unsettled by the apparent sadness betrayed in the eyes of his mother.

In making his work, David Gatiss has sought a poetic response to understand not only his mother’s melancholy but also his origins in Belfast and the family’s eventual relocation, firstly to England then to Australia and the impact of immigration upon his mother.

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Exhibitions at Tacit include:

2022 Correspondence

2018 Density of Darkness


2022 Correspondence, Tacit Art, Melbourne
2018 Density of Darkness, Tacit Art, Melbourne


2023 SUBSTRATE 23, Tacit Art, Melbourne
Brightspace, Melbourne
2022 Scintilla, Tacit Art, Melbourne
SUBSTRATE 22, Tacit Art, Melbourne
2020 20[2020], Tacit Art, Melbourne
2019 Draw, Tacit Art, Melbourne
2017 Group, Deakin Art Gallery, Melbourne
2016 Caves, Switchback Gallery, Churchill
2015 GroupTarp Gallery, Northern Territories
2014 3 Into 2, Stephen McLaughlan Gallery, Melbourne
2013 Gatiss, Gore & McKenzie, Stephen McLaughlan Gallery, Melbourne
2012 Tarp Gallery, Northern Territories
2011 Selected Sites, Stephen McLaughlan Gallery, Melbourne
2010 Gatiss & Kent, Stephen McLaughlan Gallery, Melbourne
GroupTarp Gallery, Northern Territories