Nadine Lineham

Nadine Lineham's practice centres upon the unique ecologies and varied landforms of the natural environment whilst retaining a connection to memories. Sometimes this is an inner dialogue where her paint seeks to question preconceptions of her world as well as attempting to make visible the poetic nuances of a place.

Like everyone, Lineham processes thoughts on world issues where the food is fast, the news is bleak and peace is ephemeral. It is the artist's intention to capture this sense of things that are familiar but not familiar enough to give them a name, straddling a mid-point between recognition of a fleeting landscape and the sensed experience of it. What starts off quite random ends up as a contemplative careful process where she is reacting to colour, line and shape and this involves precise modifications.

Pretty is not something Lineham strives for in her paintings. A level of tension in the visible layers is therefore needed, allowing colours to interact and heighten the senses. She aims to express an emotional connection to the work, to feel rather than to see. Inevitably, it’s the wide-open horizon of skies and pastures that acts as a conduit for her expression and in painting, with the artist often surrendering to it as it has its own life force and when working this force and its inner conversation has presence.

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Exhibition history

2024 Writing a day, Tacit Art, Melbourne
Double Vision, Gippsland Art Gallery, Sale
2018 A Fall into UnderstandingDick Bishop Emerging Artist Memorial Prize, Latrobe Regional Art Gallery, Morwell
Uncontainable Calm, Rubicon ARI, Melbourne
2017 Follow the Link, 101 Ryrie Arts, Geelong
A Place in the Crowd, Cowwarr Art Space
2008 Virtue of the VoidGippsland Art Gallery, Sale

2024 Fragile Earth II, Gippsland Art Gallery, Sale VIC
Fired Up, Meeniyan Art Gallery, Meeniyan
2022 Contemporary Gippsland, Kelly & Gemelli Art Gallery, San Remo
Fragile EarthGippsland Art Gallery Sale
2013 Eutick Memorial Still Life AwardCoffs Harbour Regional Art Gallery, NSW
2011 Eutick Memorial Still Life AwardCoffs Harbour Regional Art Gallery, NSW
Postcard Show, 
Linden Centre For Contemporary Arts, Postcard Show
2010 Summer Selection, Cowwarr Art Space
2009 Synthesis, Walker Street Gallery, Dandenong
Williamstown Festival of Contemporary Art
2008 Singular Perspectives, Latrobe Regional Art Gallery, Morwell
Eutick Memorial Still Life AwardCoffs Harbour Regional Art Gallery, NSW
John Leslie Art PrizeSale
2007 Group, ARC Yinnar, Yinnar
2006 John Leslie Art Prize, Sale