Linda Weil

Linda Weil is a professional artist with over 30 years experience in fine drawing and illustration. Beginning with a career as an artist/illustrator for a variety of top Australian national magazines, she now exhibits her work in a diverse number of galleries and exhibitions throughout Australia.

Her engaging and detailed drawings have won numerous awards; since 2016, the Australian Geographic art calendars have featured a selection of Weil's award-winning drawings. She has authored and illustrated How to Draw Lifelike Animals and co-authored The Art of Drawing Animals for the international art publisher, Walter Foster. 

More recently, as Weil explored presenting her work in solo exhibitions, she has branched out in her art practice. Now, the world is a clockwork construct as seen through the eye of Linda Weil’s drawings.

Using the simplest and most common drawing implement, the graphite pencil, these freehand yet exacting and precise drawings explore natural and everyday objects with a mechanical bent. A rich, expressive and exhaustive medium, Weil uses the humble graphite pencil (with touches of colour here and there) to explore a vast range of effects in her works. Needle sharp contour lines to soft velvety depths of shading allow her to travel the boundaries between realism and fantasy, creating her own special mechanistic reality.

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Recent exhibitions include
Grim Visions, Blarney Books & Art, Port FairySpoons, Tacit Galleries, Melbourne20,000 Leagues, Tacit Galleries 2020 Spoons, AGRA Galleries, Melbourne 2019 Flights of Fancy, Tacit Galleries 2018 The Mechanical Pencil, Tacit Galleries

2021 TACIT Still Life Prize, Tacit Galleries, MelbourneCaravan, Tacit Galleries 2020 20[2020], Tacit Galleries 2019 Kilmore Art Show [Winner, Australian Art Award]; Australian National Miniature Art Prize, NSW [Winner, Terry Collins Award] 2018 Biblio Art Prize, Tacit Galleries; Biblio Art Prize, Blarney Books & Art, Port Fairy; Kenneth Jack Memorial Award, AGRA Galleries, Melbourne [Winner, Pencil Drawing Category]; The Exquisite Palette, St Luke, Melbourne; Line, Tacit Galleries 2017 Camberwell Art Fair, Melbourne; Kenneth Jack Memorial Award, AGRA Galleries 2016 Winter, AGRA Galleries; Australian National Miniature Art Prize, NSW [Winner, Drawing Category]; Kenneth Jack Memorial Award, AGRA Galleries 2015 Holmes Prize, Caloundra Regional Gallery; Inspiration Wild, Wildlife Art Museum of Australia at the Sofitel, Melbourne 2013 Mortimore Prize, Dubbo; Kenneth Jack Memorial Award, AGRA Galleries 2012 Mortimore Prize, Dubbo 2011 Mortimore Prize, Dubbo; Kenneth Jack Memorial Award, AGRA Galleries