Lloyd Pereira

Lloyd Pereira is a Melbourne-based photographic artist and scientific researcher in molecular biology.

As his scientific career has evolved, Pereira has become increasingly drawn to how scientific discovery and knowledge can be expressed through photography. Whilst trained as a scientist, so he is compelled to be an artist.

Scientific explorations have a long history that has revealed the reality and significance of worldly concepts that have been hidden from us. From the 16th century telescope of Galileo to contemporary advances in the biological sciences, physics and astronomy, scientific explorations have radically changed our understanding of the world and consequently challenged us to contemplate our own ontological and metaphysical reckonings.

It is these preoccupations with science and philosophy that inform Pereira’s photographic art practice. They are the primary expressive elements that bring together his background as a molecular biologist and his artistic fascination with light and lens-based photography.

It is in this context that Pereira seeks to create photographic works in which the scientific motif and light explore what we cannot see, reality and metaphor, identity, mortality and decay and the voluminous architecture of things that exist across all life. His works are founded on the wonder and joy of discovery, are driven by curiosity and have evolved to become visually poetic observations of the natural world whose central concern is to help us see our reality, about what we are and what the external and internal universe around us is like.

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Exhibitions at Tacit include:
2021 - The light that returns each night (my unfolding)


Recent exhibitions include
2022 Material Eternities, Tacit Art, Melbourne
2021 The light that returns each night (my unfolding), Tacit Art 

2022 TACIT Still Life Prize, Tacit Art, Melbourne
SUBSTRATE 22, Tacit Art
Hoard, Cowes Cultural Centre
PICES Pop Up, Philip Island Cultural Centre
2021 TACIT Still Life Prize, Tacit Art
CCP Salon, Centre for Contemporary Photography, Melbourne
A1 Darebin Art Salon, Bundoora Homestead, Melbourne
After Silence, Beth Hulme Gallery, Melbourne
AIPP Victoria Epson Photography Awards (2 Gold Awards)
2015 Summer Exhibition, PSC, Melbourne
Fresh, Yarra Sculpture Gallery, Melbourne
The Power of the Image, Media House Gallery, Melbourne
AIPP Victoria Epson Photography Awards (1 Silver Award)