Vietta Korren-Steele

Ongoing research and experimentation have played a crucial part in Vietta Korren Steele's development through reductionist methods of colour and form.

Important in this process has been the deployment of chance, both in her choice of materials and as a compositional device. She plays between structure and spontaneity and stops at that point when a calm tension in the work is achieved; a sense of trust is reached.


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Exhibitions at Tacit include

2021 Intersecting Shifts


2021 Intersecting Shifts, Tacit Art, Melbourne
2019 TrACTION, Tacit Art
Origin, Upstairs 22 Gallery, Castlemaine 
2017 Paintings, Sagra Gallery, Melbourne 
2015 Paintings, Sagra Gallery, Melbourne
2011 Fleet & Flock, Bower Gallery, Melbourne
Gravity Series, Uber Gallery, Melbourne

2023 Artbox, Tacit Art, Melbourne
Bound Pigment
, Tacit Art, Melbourne
Group Show, Qdos, Lorne
2022 SUBSTRATE 22, Tacit Art 
2020 20[2020], Tacit Art 
2019 Pulse, Tacit Art 
The Affordable Art Fair, Melbourne 
2018 Artists for Kids' Culture, Brightspace, Melbourne
Group Show, Sagra Gallery, Melbourne
2016 Group Show, Sagra Gallery 
2014 Artists for the Tarkine, Brightspace, Melbourne 
2013 Solitude for Verticals, Cyclone Gallery, Melbourne