Lesley Dickman

"My work begins with a concept or idea that I sense opens a wellspring of visual possibilities and questioning of social constructs. Using techniques to develop structure, form and dimension, I journey through a process of connection and response to the world that I am creating. This world seems to be in a continual state of flux, of metamorphous, an invention then reinvention as I search for that illusive image that gives power and strength to the concept, and opens the doors to questioning social values.

My influences are drawn from the German Expressionist movement of the forties and later the large figurative painters such as Anselm Keifer and George Baselitz in the eighties. In his large monumentally artworks Keifer used materials such as lead, straw, found objects, wood, and sand to name a few, and combined historical references that confronted a dark German history.

Often the materials themselves are a guide to the artwork I make. The softness of fabric , the embedded history in bones, the chemistry of salt, or the immediacy of being able to change the image with paint or pastel are all part of the physical and the spiritual essence that bring the artwork to life."

Lesley Dickman

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Exhibitions at Tacit include

2023 Flight


2022 Costume (group)


2014 Who Defines Me   


Exhibition history (selected)
2023 Flight, Tacit Art, Melbourne
2022 Still Life/Food for Thought, Tacit Art, Melbourne
2021 Homage to Small Girls, Tacit Art
2019 Heartbeat, Tacit Art 
2018 Salt & The Dress 3, Tacit Art 
2017 Yarra Dreamscapes, Tacit Art
Artefacts, Linden Gate Gallery, Yarra Glen
2014 Who Defines Me, Tacit Art, Melbourne
Sandpit, Walker St Gallery, Dandenong
2012 Salt & The Dress, Swan Hill Regional Gallery 
2011 Salt & The DressWalker St Gallery 
2010 Salt & The Dress, Cambridge St Gallery, Melbourne  
Salt & the Dress, Guildford Lane Gallery, Melbourne 
Pathways, Goya Gallery, Melbourne 
Slow Motion, Goya Gallery, Melbourne 
Recent Works, Goya Gallery 

2023 Artbox, Tacit Art, Melbourne
Bound Pigment: Celebrating Paint, Tacit Art, Melbourne
2022 TACIT Still Life Prize, Tacit Art
Costume, Tacit Art 
SUBSTRATE 22, Tacit Art
2021 TACIT Still Life Prize, Tacit Art
Woollahra 9 x 5 Art Prize, Sydney
Costume, Tacit Art  
2020 Woollahra 9 x 5 Art Prize
20[2020], Tacit Art 
2019 SALTBodyArts Mildura 
2018 Wyndham Art Prize, Melbourne
Line, Tacit Art 
2016 9 x 5, Walker St Gallery, Dandenong
2014 Fragile Couture, Melbourne Fashion Festival
Yering Station Sculpture Exhibition 
2013 9 x 5, Walker St Gallery
She, Walker St Gallery 
2011 Salt & the Dress, Three Storeys Gallery, Healesville 
2004 John Leslie Art Prize, Gippsland Art Gallery, Sale