TJ Bateson

TJ Bateson's art practice is heavily driven by process. It is machine-like, but not arbitrary; scaffolded by mechanisms but still showing the traditional hand-painted line of the brush. The simple replication of a line until it becomes a field of immersive colour and tone. It is ultimately a journey of freedom and triumph as much as it is a production of subtle beauty. The elaborate richness of the surface is a testimony to what can be done with one simple line if you repeat it often enough. Immersive, his work functions as a healing and meditative activity in its repetition. His subdued tonal range calls our attention to the whispered differences between shades and tones: heavily layering his marks and gestures. 


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Recent exhibitions include
2020 Embedded Revisited, Tacit Galleries, MelbourneScape, Tacit Galleries, 2019 Iteration Self, Tacit Galleries 2018 Iteration Arc, Tacit Galleries 2017
Pause II, Tacit GalleriesIteration Part III, Tacit Contemporary, Melbourne 2016 Iteration II, Tacit ContemporaryIteration I, Tacit Contemporary 2015 LinearTacit Contemporary 2014 Medicated, Tacit Contemporary 2013 StripedTacit Contemporary 2012 TemporalityTacit Contemporary 2011 Pixel, Tacit Contemporary; Pixelated, 69 Smith St Gallery, Melbourne 2010 Veiled in Plain Sight, Tacit Contemporary 2009 Woven Fields, City Gallery, Melbourne 2008 Fields, fortyfivedownstairs, Melbourne 2004 Em'bedded, Gallery NewQuay, Melbourne; Em'bedded,  Horsham Regional Gallery 2001 Em'bedded, City of Glen Eira Gallery

2021 St Kevin's Art Show, Melbourne; PINK, Tacit Galleries, MelbourneEditions, Tacit Galleries, Melbourne 2020 Embedded Revisited; 20[2020]; Editions - all Tacit Galleries 2019 Pulse, Tacit Galleries; Burnie Print Prize, Tasmania; Editions, Tacit Galleries; Impress, No Vacancy Gallery, Melbourne 2018 Summer Salon, Collins Place Gallery, Melbourne; The Exquisite Palette, St Luke, Melbourne; Small Works, Red Rock Regional Gallery, Cororooke; Eventide, New England Regional Art Museum, Armidale, NSW; Editions, Tacit Galleries 2017 Shades of Grey III, Tacit Galleries; Peebles Print Prize, Queenscliff; ACMD Art Prize, Melbourne; Chromatopia, Tacit Contemporary, Melbourne; Moreton Bay Art Prize, Queensland; Print Council of Australia Commission - Handmark Gallery, Hobart; West Gallery, Adelaide; Impress Gallery, Brisbane; Sydney Contemporary; Mundaring Arts Centre, WA; Collins Place Gallery, Melbourne; Editions, Tacit Contemporary 2016 New Linden Art, Melbourne; Chroma, Queenscliff Gallery & Workshop; Coalesce ARI, Melbourne; Shades of Grey II, Tacit Contemporary; Eventide, Mornington Peninsula Regional Gallery; Editions, Tacit Contemporary 2015 Shades of Grey, Tacit Contemporary; The Hutchins Art Prize, Hobart; The Silk Cut Award, Melbourne; Editions, Tacit Contemporary